What the (Sc)hell, is this?

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Flame in the Schell

The Fight

Going berserk mode into everyday life. Struggles of keeping the Spirit alive in the imperfect mortal shell.  Think of the warrior mindset, self-discipline, motivation, kettlebell, martial arts, and Krav Maga. 

The Future 

Casting visions of the future through the exploration of arising technological trends. Looking into boundaries of science and beyond the horizon of tomorrow.  Think of virtual reality and augmented reality, the rise of AI, automation, globalization, breaching dimensions, space conquest, and shifting paradigms in society. 

The Fire

Digging into burning existential questions and scouting the fringes of the perceivable world. Seeking for the ultimate answers even if it means getting burned. 

Think of the clashes and synergies between science and religion, think of the invisible universe, the extrasensory reality, and its inhabitants, the War in Heavens, think of the Powers,  the Principalities, the Elohim, the Nephilim, think of the Logos, the One Who is The Truth, think of Jesus.